Online Appointments

The Practice now offers online services to book appointments & order repeat prescriptions. You will need to fill form & produce some ID. Please see a member of the reception staff.

After you have registered for online services you can start using services via My Vision Online.


Booked via Reception

Patients are free to book with the Practitioner of their choice. For pre-bookable appointments some appointments are available up to 2 weeks in advance. Patients are expected to keep their appointments

Please note one appointment is for one person. For Emergency appointments reception have to discuss with the doctor so they may ask for brief description of what the emergency is. If you do not wish to discuss it then arrangements will be made for the doctor to speak to you about the problem. The doctors work as a team so you are free to see any doctor. However you are advised that for persisting problems to see the same doctor.

Emergency appointments are not for routine medical problems, repeat prescriptions or fit to work notes etc.


Telephone/Video Consultations

Many health issues can be addressed effectively via telephone consultation, which can be useful for people who work, repeat prescriptions, fit for work notes or general health advice.

The Practice now has a facilty to conduct Video consultations. The video consultation is set up during a prebooked appointment


Home Visits

GP home visits are only made to housebound patients.

To discuss a Home Visit please leave a message with Reception in the morning before 1030am & provide as much information as possible in order for GP allocate priority. The Doctor will then ring later to discuss & make suitable arrangements Please be aware that home visits are less efficient that visit to the surgery & the GP may have less information & equipment to hand.


Appointments for Under 5

The Practice will see (either remotely) or face to face assesses & arrange appropriate care for all patients under the age of 5yrs on the day they ring. The patient may not necessarily have to see the GP & may be directed to other appropriate clinical services


Cancelling appointments

Please give as much notice as possible cancel appointment.

The practice manager regularly reviews the number of missed appointments and may contact you if the partners are wasting the missions to failing to attend appointments

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NHS 111

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